Sunday, April 12, 2009

Women's Dress Clothing Donations

We want to support our missionaries, and talked with a couple who are serving in the Oakland, California mission about needs in their area. Their response was they would love to give the sisters in Oakland dress clothes to wear to church, as many are unable to provide that for themselves.

We will be collecting gently used women's dress clothing at our Spring Craft event on April 29th to send to the Oakland, California area.

Here is part of a letter from these missionaries:

"[This area] was famous for its struggling beginnings back in the 70's. Now, it is a struggling ward. It is an inner city ward with the boundaries in west Oakland- the most troubled and crime laden area of Oakland. It is also a multi-racially diverse ward. Typically, there are 6 out of 10 African Americans in attendance in RS with the other sisters being Cambodian, Chinese, Hispanic, Tongan or White. The leadership is composed mostly of members from other wards assigned to attend and strengthen this struggling ward.
There are few Melchizedek Priesthood members to administer to the majority of the ward who are composed of single mothers of all ages. It is heartbreaking to see that so many of these sisters don't even have a second pair of shoes, they don't have dresses to wear to church, or something nice to even wear to interview for a job...
But as needy as these sisters are, there is always room in their hearts to love and comfort each other. It is amazing how they rally around each other (and they have taken us in and loved us, too). I love being with them and feeling of their strength.
This precious assignment has humbled us to the core as these families deal with problems that make horror movies. We feel Heavenly Father's love for them as we attend our Sunday meetings and mingle with these wonderful people."

Thank you for your support!

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